Below are a list of John Picard's short stories and the publication they were published in. These stories are not available online but you can click on the publication to visit their website. 

Typehouse (Volume 9, No 3, Issue 26) - The Maestro

​​​MacGuffin(Spring 2022) - World's Greatest Tap Dancer

Appalachian Review - The Exalted Present

Hotel Amerika (Winter 2018) - Tips on Tables 

The Minnesota Review (issue 92) -  ​Entering History

Ruminate (Winter 2019/20 issue 53) - Early Onset

Texas Review (Fall/Winter 2016)  - At The Southern Baptist Convention

Moon City Review – The Accordion Polka
North Dakota Quarterly – At The Creation Museum
New England Review
– Souvenir de Paris, 2002
Alaska Quarterly Review– Gloria

Gettysburg Review– The Iceman

Hayden’s Ferry Review– The Double

Seattle Review– Nixon : The Man and His Muse

Iowa Review – Sinatra : A Memoir

Rosebud – The Stand-in

West Branch– Moving Away

Mid-American Review – Tics

The Greensboro Review – Inga

The Crescent Review – Guys

Kansas Quarterly - Nimbus